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high quality primary care


Enlightened DPC, a multigenerational practice, proudly offers family medicine. With a focus on the patient-doctor relationship, we're able to understand the nuances of personal health and collaborate to best support your long-term wellness.



Our subscription model bypasses insurance plans and regulations to give you the care you deserve. For one monthly fee, you'll receive access to wellness care, urgent care, same-day or next-day visits, discounted labs and imaging, care for chronic illnesses, telemed, and much more. We do recommend insurance for emergencies and services outside the scope of our practice, but it is not needed. We do not bill insurance providers, therefore we're able to cut costs for you. You shouldn’t have to weigh your health versus your finances.

More face-time with your doctor. More time for questions and discussions about your healthcare needs and concerns.

Availability for same-day and next-day appointments for urgent care. Direct access to your doctor for emergencies and after-hours concerns.

Home visits.A compassionate, judgment-free relationship with your doctor.

Discounts on labs and imaging services. Access to discount prescriptions and low-cost, generic drugs.

monthly membership



Ages 0-18 years old


Ages 19-34 years old


Ages 35-64 years old


Ages 65+ years old

Please Note Ages 0-18  is $50 per month with  one (1) adult membership.

Registration Fee One-time registration fee of $300 or register with your family members to save money on registration, with a maximum family registration fee of $600. 



Don’t be burdened with time constraints, insurance mandates, and schedules that are packed too tightly. We are able to provide the type of healthcare that we'd want to receive. You can look forward to:

Simplifying Health Care


Other Primary Care Clinics

One simple monthly fee

No surprise billing

No Copay, No Deductibles, No Coinsurance

Wholesale medications

Imaging - up to 90% discount

Lab work - up to 90% discount

No wait appointments

Virtual Visits - phone/text/email/video

No phone trees/autobots

Friendly/relaxed visits

Individualized healthcare for you

Trust and Open communication with your personal physician

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